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volunteer from home

Do you need community service hours for court, school, church?

or anything else?


Hello, you’re all set to start building #channels

Thanks for your interest in volunteering or completing your community service hours. We will help you complete your service hours. Club Kids Inc. Has teamed up with MyCityChannels.com an urban social media encyclopedia. With a mission to add every single nonprofit in the USA to the site. You will be tasked with the job of adding the #Channels.  About: Volunteer from home

You will be setting up nonprofit organization #Channels in your (city) location This can be done on your time – each #Channel usually takes 5 – 10 mins to set up (after getting the information)

You will need to complete 4

(four) #Channels in an hour for an hour of volunteer/community service hours  

4 #Channels =1 hour.

We will give you a certificate after your completion for court, school, records, or… Please register your site and get points @ MyCityChannels.com  


Club Kids Inc.

Every #Channel you build out MyCityChannel will donate $1 back to Club Kids In Danger Saved Inc. a nationally ( 2016 BET Shine A Light ) awarded 501c3 nonprofit organization 

Step 1. login ( use your social media accounts of your choice ) then scroll down on the home page

​look for the Add Your Channel Link

Step 2. Add new listing

Search for the business information from the web​

Step 3. Gather information for the business. Search Google, Wikipedia or Facebook for the business – Copy & Paste as much as you can to save time – be creative – GO to the business website – get as much information about the business as you can. Remember to copy & paste the social media links to save time.

You can grab the pictures, information, location, social media sites and more – copy & paste 

Step 4. Submit completed listing – collect your points 

MyCityChannels.com will donate $1 for each completed #Channel.


Don’t forget to share your #Channels

Thanks for your service!


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