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January 2022
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Quarantined With Bored Teens: Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

10 more volunteer opportunities for teens https://grownandflown.com/virtual-volunteer-opportunities-teens/
  1. Clean out your closets. Use this free time to declutter your space. Pull out all clothes, toys, games, books, etc. that you no longer use. If they’re in good shape, gather them together and donate them to organizations like the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity.
  2. Share your talents. Do you sing? Play the guitar? Dance? Take amazing photos? Burp the alphabet? Jump online and offer some free lessons to other bored kids stuck at home. You can also put on a virtual concert to entertain your family, friends, and other people stuck in isolation and needing a break from Netflix.
  3. Donate your skills. Are you artistic? Can you build a website? Edit videos? Write? There are many organizations and charities that could use your help to get their message out. Reach out to them and let them know what you can offer or post on Facebook community groups.
  4. Make teddy bears for children in need. Knit or crochet teddy bears or stuff pre-sewn teddy bears to donate to hospitals, police stations, fire stations, or charity organizations such as teddies for tragedies.
  5. Make blankets for people (and animals) in need. Blankets are a source of comfort and warmth and greatly needed for homeless families, sick children and animals in shelters. You can do this through organizations like Project Linus, Binky Patrol and Cage comforter.
  6. Become a virtual tutor. Now that everyone’s stuck at home, kids may be depending on their parents to help them with their homework—and it’s been years since many of us parents have had to solve a quadratic equation, list the capitals of all 50 states, or speak conversational French. If you’re really good at a subject, offer to tutor kids through Zoom or FaceTime.
  7. Fight cyberbulling. More kids than ever are depending on social media for social interaction, which makes cyberbullying even more likely. Help keep kids safe online by joining organizations like Tweenangels or Teenangels. Or just do your part to stop bullying rather than perpetuating it.
  8. Start a petition. Take on a local issue by starting a petition through www.change.org. I just signed one a high school senior started to have a LIVE graduation ceremony after things settle down. I know how disappointed these kids are about missing out on so many momentous life experiences like prom and graduation, so I think it’s a worthy cause.
  9. Write your local officials. We have Representatives, Senators, and a Governor whose jobs are to represent their constituents–that’s us. So, write your elected officials about what they can do to help during this time. Some ideas are getting appropriate N95 masks for healthcare professionals, securing more ventilators for hospitals, giving financial aid to people that have lost their jobs and businesses, or putting rent and mortgage payments on hold.You can send your letter to them online here.
  10. Write a letter to the president of the United States. Why not just take it to the top? Your voice could be the key to getting legislation passed that will serve others and even our country as a whole. You can send him an email hereor a letter here.

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