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Is looking for independent contractors for our new Work From Home – Gig Economy Jobs. ( all ages ) As an independent contractor. We give you the ability to make money with your extra time. Build a #Channel during your lunch break, at night, or during the weekends or start a full-time business by Building #Channels for billions of people, places, and things

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Make a few dollars a day or hundreds per week – We need billions of #Channels built out so – it’s up to you.

We need #Billions of #Channels, get paid for each one you build for life. #Gig #Job #WorkFromHome #NewEconomy MyCityChannels.com

Great for current Uber/Lift Rideshare providers and others. Add an extra income at no cost to you.


$1 per legitimately approved posting at any business in the united states

Channel Builders (MUST BE PRE APPROVED)

$1 for every channel you build
You can resell advertisements and earn money for the life of the ad.

Reward points: Profit Sharing

Level 1 ($1) point for all channels registrations
Free downloadable promotion material
Free business channel
Free merchant account
10 Free points for registering
Free welcome package
FREE Training (mandatory)

Our Goal is to Offer a Platform for Urban Businesses to Share & Pool our Resources & Knowledge. Make money off our own content, build wealth, teach, and learn from each other one #channelat-a-time.



Jobs for Teens/Homeless/Seniors Across America – Every $1 goes directly to the person for each channel built-out for the “Channel for Charities” program with Club kids Inc. A national awarded nonprofit organization for gang prevention.