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Winner of the 2016 B.E.T. Shine A Light Award


Presents The

Youth Personal Development Clubhouse

Digital Innovation Center

Entertainment – Sports – Recreation – Development 

Milwaukee WI. 53206

Club Kids In Danger Saved Inc 

Marcus Duke: Executive Director



Email: info@clubkids414.org

Youth Personal Development 

Elane Lane: Executive Director 


Email: ypdnonprofit @gmail.com

Project :

 Club Kids Youth Personal Development Digital Innovation Center


Milwaukee, WI. 53206 (new location)


Mailing Address: Only – Call for the Milwaukee location address.

Club Kids Inc.

4424 E Baseline RD. #2029

Phoenix AZ. 85042

(414) 380-3853


WHAT: ​Club Kids Youth Development Digital Innovation Center 

WHEN:  2018-2020 

Location:  Call for information (53206 Milwaukee WI.)

Sponsors – Donations – WANTED

We would like to open a safe place student center for kids of all ages, sex, and race. This center would include a restaurant, club, computer lab, arcade, study center, studio, play center, daycare, after school care, and more. This would be a place where they could hang out after school and on weekends as an alternative to the dangerous streets.  The center would offer the kids an environment that would keep them occupied, out of trouble, secured, supervised, and safe – with a focus on keeping the kids entertained, and active.


New research confirms that when the school bell rings, millions of children and teens are released to the streets with neither constructive activities nor adult supervision to guide them. This is when violent juvenile crime suddenly triples. On school days, the prime time for such crime is from 3 PM to 6 PM. The crimes that occur then are serious and violent: murders, sexual assaults, robberies, and assaults, according to the report released by Fight Crime: Invest in Kids.


After-School Programs Cut Crime, Teach Skills and Values


Quality youth development programs can cut crime immediately and transform this prime time for juvenile crime into hours of academic enrichment, wholesome fun, and community service. They protect both kids and adults from becoming victims of crime, and cut teen pregnancy, smoking, and drug use, while they help youngsters develop the values and skills they need to become contributing citizens.


In 2011, 30% of murdered juveniles were female, 47% were black, and 56% were killed with a firearm. Of the juvenile murder victims with known offenders in 2012, 40% were killed by family members, 45% by acquaintances, and 15% by strangers. In 2011, the National Center for Health Statistics listed homicide as the fourth leading cause of death for children ages 1 through 4, third for youth ages 5 through 14, and second for persons ages 15 through 24. From 1980 through 2011, juvenile offenders were involved in one of every four juvenile homicides where the offenders were identified.


  • Children without adult supervision are at a significantly greater risk of truancy from school, stress, receiving poor grades, risk-taking behavior, and substance use. Children who spend more hours on their own and begin self-care at younger ages are at increased risk of poor outcomes.


  • The juvenile crime rate triples between the hours of 3:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. Children are most likely to be victims of a violent crime committed by a non-family member between 2 P.M. and 6 P.M. (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.


  • The Government Accounting Office estimates that in the year 2011, the current number of out-of-school time programs for school-age children will meet as little as 25% of the demand in some urban areas.


  • Teachers and principals report that students become more cooperative, learn to better handle conflicts, develop an interest in recreational reading, and receive better grades due to participation in quality after-school programs.


  • In one study, children who attend an after school program missed fewer days of school, had better homework completion, better school behavior, and higher test scores. Parents reported that they were able to work more hours and had more flexible schedules.


  • Participation in sports is linked to an increase in girls’ self-esteem, positive body image, self-confidence, and a sense of competence, as well as a decreased incidence of depression, pregnancy, and smoking initiation.


  • Students who spend one to four hours per week in extracurricular activities are 49% less likely to use drugs and 37% less likely to become teen parents than students who do not participate in extracurricular activities U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Public Support is Growing

  • Ninety-two percent of Americans believe there should be organized activities for children and teens during after-school hours, according to a recent poll.
  • Seventy-five percent of Americans are ready to either pay more taxes or to forgo a tax cut to provide children with good early childhood development programs and quality after-school programs.
  • In a recent survey of police chiefs, 86% said expanding after-school and educational childcare programs would greatly reduce youth crime and violence. Ninety-one percent of police chiefs said America will pay later in crime, welfare, and other costs if greater investments in after-school and educational childcare aren’t made now.


Organization Information

Our organizations are for socially disadvantaged, children of any age (1 to 18), race, religion, sex, or national origin. Our mission is to help keep Milwaukee Youth off the streets, out of gangs, drug-free, and out of jail.  We hope to do this by giving them a fun and safe environment to interact.

Over the years we have accomplished this goal by having events for kids at various centers, gyms, halls, and parks. We have held events such as holiday parties, dances, and picnics at Sherman, McGovern and Washington Park as well as other Milwaukee County Parks, pavilions. We have also taken children on to sporting events like Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks games, NASCAR  and festivals like The State Fair, Summerfest, Fiesta Italiana, and more! Of course, the costs of renting facilities for these events add up over time. Accordingly it is our goal to open our own center in which we could host events, after-school programs, and more!

With this center, we could help as many as 1,000 kids per month to stay safe from the dangerous streets by keeping them occupied and out of trouble.  As we know, kids need to be entertained. Here at Club Kids Inc. & Youth Personal Development Inc., We feel there is a void in the Milwaukee-area when it comes to entertaining underprivileged children.  Many of the existing venues in the city like bowling lanes, movie theaters, arcades, and clubs are closed and most of those that are open are not affordable options for inner-city youth. Features like the recording studio, computer lab, and study center will entertain the kids that come to the center.

Over the years many organizations have given us support and contributed their service. places like the Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks,  African World Festivals, UW-Madison, Alderman Don Richard’s, Milwaukee Admirals, Northcott Neighborhood Assoc. Wisconsin Black Historical Society Museum, Mexican Fiesta, Sherman Park Lutheran Church,  The Blood Center of Wisconsin, Mario Dickens Creations, Walgreens, Wall-Mart, B&B Printing, Father For Progress, CYD, and more.

We have accomplished many goals and participated in many events, for years we have participated with the Juneteenth celebration, with the Northcott Neighborhood House and the Fourth of July Milwaukee County Parks celebration with Alderman Don Richard’s. and Growing Powers, Now We Praise, Annual Back to School Event, Day of Prayer. We also have had many holiday dances and picnics for the kids and family members. Throughout this year we have taken many area kids to numerous Milwaukee Brewers Game, Summerfest, African World Festival, State Fair, Mexican Festival, Universal Soul Circus, Wisconsin Badgers Games, Fishing, Museums, and many more events, all with the help of donated tickets and in-kind gifts from the participating businesses. Each of them with commitments to help us again in the coming years.

Project Description

The Club Kids Inc. & Youth Personal Development Inc.  Center will be a great place for kids to hang out after school and on weekends.  While we have been working with kids for many years with limited resources, now is the time for us to step to the plate and save our kids. We feel like the kids need more than what is currently out there in regards to entertainment. Most of today’s organizations put education first by functioning primarily as a learning center first, with sports and recreation as a secondary offering. Our approach is to give kids the opportunity to have fun while specializing talents while learning about the music industry in an in-house recording studio; working on digital coding, design, and developing the World Wide Web in our computer lab; or exploring the arts during a talent showcase featuring the kids in weekly live theater shows.

In addition to helping kids develop skills in a fun and progressive areas of learning, we will also dedicate several days of the month for community service. Youth volunteers will participate in activities such as neighborhood cleanup, senior citizen lawn care, and snow removal service, and mentoring. We will also have a monthly teen summit for the kids to express their thoughts on neighborhood relations, education, and whatever else they would like to be heard. This event will be taped and viewed on community TV.     

We will accomplish all of this by soliciting professionals to contribute their services to the organization and by valuing the skills and ideas that the kids will bring with them. With over one thousand kids visiting per month we will be able to uncover, nurture, and embrace the talents of many of the children who step through our doors.

We have talked to many community organizations that are willing to collaborate with us on this project and are willing to lend support to the facility by offering their expertise. Some of these organizations include Uptown Entertainment Inc., André Lee Ellis Incorporation, Sherman Park Community Assoc., Northcotte Neighborhood Assoc., No U-Turns mentoring organization, CYD, Urban Ecology Center, Fatherhood Initiative and many more.

We have a great area in mind for this project, but we will not limit our services to only one area of the city. Club Kids Inc. is a city-wide organization and we want to impact all kids of the community.

Founding Consideration

We have solicited many foundations to help us in this very important endeavor to save our kids. We have also contacted individual donors, businesses, and corporate leaders to join our team. We would like for your great organization to take a big step and support us in this very important mission. Your participation will encourage others to do the same. We have had a great response from many businesses thus far and with patience, we will be able to carry out many fundraising events at our own facility and become a self-sufficient organization through these events. We will also seek funding from the City, State, and Federal Government, so please join us and help make this a great success for all the kids of our great city.   


Our mission is to empower the kids with the knowledge, strength, and determination to become a better person and citizens of the community. By educating them with the skills they need to succeed. Our goal is to keep them out of trouble, off the streets, out of gangs and out of jail.  By giving them an alternative to the dangerous streets offering them creative activities in a controlled setting and introducing them to a new and different world through Arts, Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment.

Please call for budget information

Phase 1: $100,000

Donate Now!




Club Kid Inc.



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BET Video: https://www.bet.com/video/betawards/2016/acceptance-speeches/shine-a-light-award-honoree-2.html


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TWITTER: https://twitter.com/clubkids414


INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/clubkids414/

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