Club Kids Learning Toys & Prizes Giveaway Covid19 – Phoenix

Toy Giveaway flyer 2020

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For Immediate Release: 6/4/2020

What:Club Kids Learning Toys & Prizes Giveaway Covid19 – Phoenix 

When: Sunday June 14th. 9:AM – 1:PM (drive-thru) 

Where: Phoenix/Mesa


We need your help giving away 1000 plus STEM Learning toys and other prizes to families in the Phoenix East Valley area. We will be delivering thousands of learning toys and prizes and offering a drive thru pick-up point for hundreds of students. With live music, tailgating, classic cars, motorcycles, LIVE broadcasting, fun, food, media and more

Donation and Sponsorship are needed ASAP. – 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit   

Levels:  (silver) $100  (gold) $500 (platinum) $1000 – Please email for more information

please send any gift certificates, tickets, games, toys, hygiene supplies, sock, book, school supplies and more.

WANTED: Any transportation that would like to help with delivery in the central valley area. Motorcycle Clubs, Bikers, Drivers, Car Clubs, etc… 

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Club Kids Inc.

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