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Sell Your Content, Blog, Podcast, Sermon, Play, LIVE & More #Channels


You Asked & Now It’s Here – Urban Social Media. Built for Entrepreneurs.

Now you can re-sell all of your content for 0.01- or up to as much as you like, It’s your content do with it as you please.

                                Samples of what you can do with the app.

  • You can start making MONEY today – Set up your FREE Ecommerce (Like eBay) Store
  • Post any Job Big & Small – Find a job (Like Monster)
  • Broadcast your Story –  (Like YouTube) – Podcast – Facebook – Live – Chat – WebCam – Get tips LIVE – or on your recordings –  Paid Gateway
  • Locate the Hottest Churches & Events – Church Center – GEO Directory (Like Yelp for Churches)
  • Sale your Digital Files –  Books, Movies, Sermons, Plays, Artwork, Music  (Like Amazon) but you get the proceeds
  • Post Anything – NO Community Restrictions – Freedom of Speech – Public/Private Groups (Like ??)
  • Classifieds Available – Sell Local or National to Urban Communities Worldwide (Like Craigslist, OfferUp)
  • Download the hottest Music and Mixes for your next event – FREE (Like Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud) With all 30 min plus mixes all genres
  • Build your (free) Personal or (paid) Business #Channels (Like Yelp)
  • Start your own Podcast, Magazine, Blog, Webcam, all Ages (Like YouTube)
  • Drive your Car or Truck and Dropoff/Pickup – Delivery – Shipping and More (Like Uber, Uhaul, UPS,)
  • Start a Forum on any Topic, Groups, Teams, Members (Like Reddit)
  • Crowdfund through our membership and raise funds for any cause (Like GoFundMe, Kickstarter)
  • Hoodipedia – Set up your (Like Wikipedia) style #Channel – Get Branded

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